How to become an Information security expert with the CISSP.


Nowadays, Cybersecurity is one of the most important things for every company as well as for the government too. Its role in protecting the important files and data on the computers of the organizations. It safeguards the network from any kind of damage or theft. It also defends the electronic devices, the computers, the network, the mobiles etc. There are a lot of hackers who try to damage the data through the internet, which causes huge damage to the companies so, in order to be safe from these hackers, they appoint Cybersecurity professionals. This certified Cybersecurity professional has the responsibility to protect the data and files and keep them secure. These professionals are well trained in this field and can find out ways through Cybersecurity on how to keep the files safe. The professionals make a huge amount of money through this as their career because the need for a Cybersecurity professional is very high and in demand all over the world. Also, Cybersecurity is becoming the main focus of every company, no matter if it’s a small business firm or a big one.

What is CISSP? 

CISSP stands for Certified Information System Security Professional. It is an extremely popular certification among IT professionals. To qualify for this Cybersecurity certification, you will need to pass the exam, and you should have at least five years of paid work experience in two or more of the total of eight domains. The exam covers topics such as access control, software development security, cryptography, telecommunications and network security, operation security, information security governance and risk management and business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The price of the CISSP exam is USD 699. The passing score of the CISSP certification exam is 700 out of 1000. The jobs you can get after doing this certification are information security manager, Cybersecurity analyst, security engineer, information security analyst, chief information security officer, security architect. The CISSP make the third-highest salary for IT professional globally by earning an average income of $116, 573. The professionals earn around 25% more from those who don’t have the certificate. There are a lot of benefits of doing a CISSP certification such as it improves your IT security skills, it provides it a wider view of the security industry, it encourages to stay on top of trends, it enhances productivity, it gives you the ability to manage the IT security processes in a better way, you acquire new skills, it brushes up your years of expertise, it helps you to become a more effective IT leader.


How to become an information security expert with CISSP :

To become an information security expert firstly, you will have to obtain five years of security work experience in at least two or more of the total eight domains which are as follows: assets security, security and risk management, security engineering, identity and access management, communications and network security, security assessment and testing, software development security and security operations. Also, you need to have on the job experience for both the certification process as well as for the exam. Secondly, you will need to prepare and pass the CISSP exam, and the passing marks for the same are 700 out of 1000. The duration of the exam is six hours, and the format is of multiple choices. For the study materials, you can go for classroom training or online training at your preference. The cost of the training varies, but if you go for the online course, it costs $2, 795. Comparatively, classroom training will be more. Lastly, you will have to get endorsed to become a CISSP. After you complete the exam, you need to subscribe to (ISC)2 code of ethics and then complete your endorsement form to become a CISSP. Then you will need to submit the form within a time period of nine months after passing the exam to become fully certified. After you’re a fully certified CISSP, you will need to maintain your credential for that you need to do the recertifying of your certificate every three years.



Cybersecurity is very helpful and important as it protects the sensitive documents of an organization and keeps them secure. A person needs to have a CISSP certification, which states that he/she is properly trained to do all the ethical works related to computers and networks. The importance of Cybersecurity and its professional is increasing globally.


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